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Island Packet Yacht Models

From our Full Foil Keel® with protected prop and rudder, to our roller furling cutter rig with Hoyt® boom, every aspect of every Island Packet has been carefully designed and built to maximize the pleasures of the cruising lifestyle. Exclusive design features, proprietary material technologies, unmatched resale values and an award winning customer service network all combine to make Island Packet the benchmark for cruising yachts. Every Island Packet from the original IP26 to the magnificent IP485 is the result of the consistent application and continuing evolution of this philosophy, which affects everything from the initial design concept through the manufacturing process, into the warranty period and beyond for our pre-owned buyers. This philosophy helps to explain how Island Packet has grown to be a world leader in the design and manufacture of cruising yachts since it’s founding in 1979. It also helps to explain why Island Packets are respected and admired by discerning sailors everywhere. No wonder Island Packet Yachts are commonly referred to as America’s Cruising Yachts.


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2018 Island Packet 525
2018 Island Packet 520
2018 Island Packet 495
2018 Island Packet 490
2018 Island Packet 379


2018 Island Packet North Star 44